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Man: The wanderer, the explorer, the free spirit.

One of man’s first conquest, acknowledging his power and force was to make the best out of the remaining time he had available. He had to rush, in the battle, the war, in his everyday life. He had no time to lose, speed empowered him to get stronger, to reach farther and higher.

Speed would give him the benefit of time.

He would make good use of horses that were flexible and fast in the battle, but he would use a carriage for his travels.  And then came the wheel that without any struggle or sweating, changed the course of men and attributed glory and wealth.

At first animals would drive the wheel with oxen and horses. But to transport important people, the accompaniment by proud and lofty steed was a must. For hundreds of years, the wheel was carried by animals, for the Chinese, Greeks, Egyptians and Romans loved the invention of the wheel. It was used in the same form even during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. And then suddenly man turned the wheel without the need of animals. It was the energy within, that waited patiently for all these years to dare men to go further and faster. The auto motion was a reality. Technology and luxury then came hand in hand. No more need to pull the horses’ strings. Now men could comfortably sit behind the steering wheel and travel luxuriously and in speed. Comfort, safety and luxury contributed to the pleasure of ground transportation. It was just then, that man’s inner instinct to travel and explore resurfaced.

Those of you who seek to travel and explore, experience the luxurious adventure let our four wheels take you safely and comfortably to your destination. For business or pleasure. Solo or with friends and family, let us take you there, in the company of Greece’s ancient history.

Safe Travels.